A guy, VR headset and a Kinect walk into a...


No source (that I could find) for today's project, but the pure level of geek'ness warrants a share.

How many steps are we away from our own holodeck?

SUVIX demo - VR environment using Kinect

Demo video of the SUVIX (Suva Immersive eXperience) Bachelor project, done at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg between May and July 2011.

The goal was to introduce natural interactions (NUI) by using a Kinect for moving and reacting in a 3D world. The user also wears VR glasses to improve the immersive experience.

Hardware: Microsoft Kinect, Vuzix Wrap 920, eMagin Z800 3D Visor

Software: The application is developed in C++ and uses the Delta3D open source game engine for creating the virtual world and the Kinect SDK for the interactions...




Today's project comes via Thoughts about Kinect interfaces