Abhijit's Kinect for Windows SDK – Tips and Tricks


A few weeks ago we highlighted a project and a number of tips from Abhijit Jana, Less Multiple Kinect Ire by turning of the IR, Is your Kinect connected?, "Kinect Status Notifier". He continued posting tips and just recently wrapped them up with this summary/ToC...

Kinect for Windows SDK – Tips and Tricks

Developing applications using Kinect for Windows SDK is always fun and interesting. Recently I have shared couple of cool tips and tricks on Kinect for Windows SDK. You may found helpful for your day to day Kinect for Windows SDK based development.

Here is the list of tips

That’s all as of now. I will keep them posting in coming days. ...

Project Information URL: http://abhijitjana.net/2013/08/19/kinect-for-windows-sdk-tips-and-tricks/

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