Accessible Kinect and Yoga


Today's inspirational post comes to us from Kyle Rector where she shows off one of the coolest Kinect usage examples...

Accessible yoga for the blind using Kinect

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Yoga is not an easy exercise for those who are vision impaired. Fortunately, Kyle Rector, a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Washington, has developed a way to make it more accessible. After sustaining a running injury that made her turn to yoga for exercise, she and her advisor, Julie Kientz, realized the potential of using Kinect to detect yoga poses. Using skeletal tracking, voice recognition and the ability to use software to help people improve the alignment of people’s bodies, they developed Eyes-Free Yoga.

The program uses Microsoft Kinect software to track body movements and quickly offer verbal feedback for various yoga poses. A mix of a video game and exercise, Eyes-Free yoga makes a typically visual exercise accessible to people without sight, allowing them to interact verbally with an instructor. Not only has Kyle helped to create a new way for the vision-impaired to exercise, but she’s paved the path for others to use to create things using the same technology for the visually impaired.

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