Adding Speech Recognition to a Kinect Quickstart


Since Scotty picked up a mouse and said "Computer," or we saw HAL in 2001 a Space Odyssey, or [insert your favorite talking to a computer scene here], there's been this dream that one day we'll have computers that understand us (well understand our speech anyway... what I wouldn't pay for a computer that "understood" my spouse... oh... did I say that out loud?). The Kinect seems to be on the road to finally realizing that dream in a way that's actually viable. Who knows, it might be Kinect speech recognition that becomes its real killer feature...

Intro to the Kinect SDK–Adding Speech Recognition

For those of you who frequent this blog, you know a few days ago I wrote an introductory article on Kinect and XNA (link). In that article, I modified the Primitive 3D Sample from App Hub to render Joints from Kinect as Primitive Spheres. I’ve decided to build upon that sample, and leverage the Kinect’s NUI Microphone and the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK to replace touch/keyboard input in the sample. I also refactored the previous sample a bit.

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