Air Hockey, Kinect'd


Today's project by Arturo Cepeda is a C++ Kinect game example, from the ground up...

Air Hockey demo

Since I wanted to create a demo completely on my own (even the graphic content and sounds), I chose the option to develop something simple where I should work on all the fields which take part in the video games programming process (gameplay, UI, rendering, sound, physics, AI and network) instead of focusing my effort on one only discipline. Therefore I have developed an Air Hockey game: it is extremely funny and its rules are very simple to understand.

I have paid particular attention to the modularity as I built this demo, because I know it is key to work in group. The game is made up of the following modules:

- Game engine
   - Rendering engine (based on Direct3D)
   - Audio engine (based on FMOD Ex)
   - Network engine (based on WinSock2)
   - Scene manager
   - Timer

- Air Hockey library
   - Gameplay module
   - AI module

In order to run the included executable files, you will need the following components to be installed:

[Air Hockey.exe]

   - DirectX:


[Air Hockey (Kinect SDK).exe]
   - Only for Windows 7/8
   - DirectX:
   - Kinect sensor (hardware)
   - Kinect SDK:

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