"Anatomy for Sculptors"


Today's post isn't really Kinect related, but is augmented reality and just kind of cool and not something I run across often...

New 3D Augmented Reality Book - Anatomy for Sculptors

This book with 3D model images will help painters, sculptors, illustrators and CG artists to develop sculptures, paintings or digital images.

Head & Neck Anatomy is the latest book of Anatomy for Sculptors. The thing that makes this book different than other medical books is the use of augmented reality. This advanced technology has been used in the book to provide readers with 3D images of the head and neck.

By integrating 3D imagery in the book, the readers will be able to understand it in a better way.

Project Information URL: http://x-tech.am/new-3d-augmented-reality-book/



PDF e-book

226 page most easy-to-use human anatomy guide for artists, explaining the human body in a simple manner. The book contains keys to figuring out construction in a direct, easy-to-follow, and highly visual manner. Art students, 3D sculptors and illustrators alike will find this manual a practical foundation upon which to build their knowledge of anatomy – an essential background for anyone wishing to draw or sculpt easily and with confidence!

Uldis Zarins the book presentation on uartsy.com - http://www.uartsy.com/program-info/anatomy-for-sculptors-free-webinar-replay-july-2014