Are you talking to me? Here's a quick Kinect Speech Recognition tutorial


Speech recognition is likely a key part of any Kinect for Windows SDK application. And while there are a number of examples available, I thought this one distilled it down into an easy to follow, and better yet understand, series of development steps...

Speech Recognition for the Kinect, the Easy Way...

Speech Recognition for the Kinect:

In the development of Kin-educate I found this to be one of the most tricky parts. Largely because I couldn't find any complete tutorials out there other than the quick start series at channel 9, which, if you have checked it out, you will know is helpful, but not comprehensive.

I have been asked by quite a lot of people about how I did the speech recognition in the maths game for Kin-educate, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial that cuts out all the unnecessary bits, and just focuses on getting you set up and speech recognition working quickly and easily. This tutorial assumes you have a Kinect project set up already - if you do, you should be able to just copy and paste this code, in order, and you're all set!


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