Augmented Reality with Kinect Book Review

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Today's post by Simon Jackson is a new review of a recently published book on the Kinect...

Augmented Reality with Kinect – A Review

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Book review season is back again, this time with a title that opens up your eyes to Microsoft’s wondrous sensor, the Kinect.


Augmented Reality with Kinect

Definitely a Kinect for beginner’s book, here we have an Author who really knows how to lay out complex information is to short and readable parts, broken down so that anyone (even my daughter) can understand.

Since its release the Kinect has fascinated me, it drew to the forefront the idea of a fully realised non connective user interface experience.  Nintendo started the ball rolling with their WiiMotes and nunchucks but you still had to find and put batteries in the things to get it going, with the Kinect all you needed was your body (and a suitably large room to dance in)

The author has chosen a more direct route with this book, instead of just picking and choosing features you are walked through creating an actual game using the Kinect from start to finish which is a very nice touch / approach.

With the XboxOne coming on the scene soon and the news that it will be opened up to all devs to work on (no need for special dev units) this book is a great preparation book, especially since the new Kinect (Kinect two??) is far superior to the original with even finer detail available to the sensor and (thank god) a large room is no longer needed, as it can handle more players in a much smaller space (no need for a specialised dance hall to play it in anymore)

Here’s a brief run through what all the chapters are and what to expect from them.  Since you are building a game with this book the chapters are a little more pragmatic, showing you how and what to use when you need it, as follows:


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