Baby NUI... Using the Kinect as a Baby Monitor


This project doesn't have code directly related, it uses a code sample that comes included in the SDK, but I thought it such an interesting low tech/high tech, idea sparking, project that you all might like it too.

Think about using the Kinect to build an "active" baby monitor. Sound and video is one thing, but combine depth and you've got something new. Think Baby NUI... While this project doesn't go that far, it just might get you thinking of using the Kinect in ways you've never considered before.

Kinect as a Baby Monitor–I set it up in an hour

It has taken far longer to write this post than it was to actually install Kinect as a baby monitor. or
In less than an hour I was watching my little boy in infrared while he slept in his bedroom. It wasn’t that hard to setup as I relied on one Kinect device and two generic laptops, capable of 40 FPS.

In this post I will take about the architecture and how you can setup Kinect quickly and easily. Even in complete darkness you can see the outline of your child asleep in bed. And if anyone walks in the room they are immediately visible, thanks to the depth sensor which consists of an infraredlaser projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, which captures video data in 3D under any ambient light conditions.

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