Break Out with Kinect-Breaker


Gordon Beeming emailed us recently, letting us know about today's pretty darn cool looking project, one that contains a whole number of our favorite things, Kinect, Windows Phone and SignalR and the source is available too...

Two of our Microsoft Mobile Devs (one being a Windows Development MVP Taylor Gibb made a Breakout type game (

It’s controlled by a Kinect and the game itself runs browser getting it’s commands from a console app through SignalR J and it took them 4 hours to write =D.



kinect-breaker is actually a clone of the original Atari hit "Breakout" which ran on the Atari 2600. It was written in about 4 hours as part of a hackathon, but we thought it was good enough to publish. While we keep to the original rules, we added a few touches of our own. Most noticeably, you can play the game with a few different inputs:

  • Xbox Kinect
  • Windows Phone
  • Remote Web Browser
  • Local Web Browser

from Vimeo.

Update: Head Control too! 

Project Information URL:

Project Source URL: 

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