Brick - The Building Sized Kinect Game


You all know I've been trying to avoid "Inspirational" posts recently, but I get some that are just too cool to not share. And this one isn't just inspirational either, you can actually buy this project! How cool would this be at your next major gig? This puts a whole new meaning behind "wide screen"...

Brick - Kinect wall game

We create this musical and monumental Brick video game using Kinect technology.
There are 3 levels corresponding to 3 songs :
- Be Bop a Lula from Gene Vincent
- Harder Better Faster from Daft Punk
- and Comic Strip from Gainsbourg.
The lyrics are played when the ball hits the bubbles.

This game can adapt to any kind of wall or building and play with any architecture.

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A giant video game

Surprise your audience with monumental games!
Choice: Pong, Pinball or breakout.
With monumental proportions and controller-free gameplay, these classics of the video game are revisited to become a unique live experience. The public is at the heart of a happening as actor.

Both technologies are used:

  • The kinect sensor for the detection of the movement of the player.
  • The video mapping, which adapts the game to every detail of the wall or building. Thus, the ball bounces on the real elements of architecture, for that fun as grandiose experience!

Adaptable to your event

Architectural videos games adapt to all your parties and events. They can be played on outdoor buildings or interior walls.

Thanks to an integrated editor, it is possible to conceive of all shapes, colours and animation of the bricks. In short: Reinventing a game specially for you.

The installation comes turnkey. A facilitator welcomes the public.



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