Bruno shows us how to use the Kinect Studio


Today's tutorial provides a great "How To" on the new Kinect Studio that was part of the Kinect v1.5 SDK release. If you've been wondering how to use the Kinect Studio you've got to read this post (it's not long, but should be more than enough to get you started!).

[#KINECTSDK] HowTo: Use Kinect Studio to record and play a Kinect session


all those who develop applications with Kinect we know that heavier than this type of development is the way trial/error that you see facing. I.e., while the Kinect is a camera that detects people, each of the tests you want to do requires that you wear stand in front of the sensor and do the routine of the day. On occasions where things are not going so smooth as you would, so you get get up from the Chair several times per hour.

With the advent of version 1.5 of Kinect SDK, we have a new tool called Kinect Studio coming to save us this problem. Operation that has is very simple: it allows you to record a session with the kinect and then play the same times as necessary.

For this the first thing we see in its interface is a bar of recording and reproduction.

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