"Building a Real Application with Kinect" from John Sonmez and pluralsight

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While I don't usually highlight stuff you have to pay for (though they do offer a great free trial), this is the first course of this nature at pluralsight and since it covers our favorite hardware device, well, I can make an exception this time.

New course: Building a Real Application with Kinect

John Sonmez has published a new course: Building a Real Application with Kinect

Have you played with Microsoft Kinect? Do you think it’s legit? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could write your own Kinect enabled applications to take advantage of this awesome piece of technology? Well, I have great news… John has written a course so you can 

In this course he will walk you through the creation of a real application using the Kinect. You’ll be building a Fruit Ninja clone called Shape Ninja which will be capable of detecting chopping gestures and responding to audio commands. You will start off by learning a little bit about the Kinect itself and the Kinect SDK. Then, John shows you just how easy it is to get color image and depth data from the Kinect. You’ll make your application be able to detect and respond to a chopping gesture. He wraps things up by teaching you how to use the Microsoft Speech Platform SDK in combination with the Kinect’s audio sensors to implement real voice commands for our application.

If you’ve been waiting to check out the Kinect, but you didn’t know where to start, or perhaps you thought it would be difficult to learn; this course will get you up and running with the Kinect in no time. Click here to get started now. We hope you enjoy the course!

Project Information URL: http://blog.pluralsight.com/2013/05/01/new-course-building-a-real-application-with-kinect/, http://www.pluralsight.com/training/Courses/TableOfContents/building-real-kinect-application






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    Love pluralsight, well worth the money. As for Kinect, will MS axe their SDK for new one when the new Kinect for nextbox comes out, like they did with XNA..

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    John Sonmez

    Thank you sir, appreciate the mention. This course was extremely fun to make. What a wonderful device.

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