Buttoning up the Kinect - A Kinect Button compatible with the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.5

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    buenas tardes
    como se crean los botones, donde puedo encontrar una plantilla para hacerlo, necesito solo esta pedazo de código, si me podes colaborar muchas gracias.

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    @alexander: To create buttons, just drag and drop a normal WPF button onto the designer, and then add it to the array mentioned in the code.

    Buen día!

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    Hello!!! in this project when the user is over button 1 or two, the Click event is called once, how can I create an event or method that allows me called the event as many times as the user have the cursor over the button, the idea is one of the buttons increases a counter, if I want to Increase the counter 20ty times I have to move my hand 20ty times over the button, What method can I use to increase the counter constantly while the user have the cursor over the button?? Thank you

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