Camera/Tripod Mount (3D Printer required)


And now from something completely different...

Today's post is a hardware thing, where using a 3D Printer you can create your own camera/tripod mount for your Kinect, snapping on to the existing base (i.e. no opening/warranty voiding, etc.). It does require access to a 3D Printer (which in itself is pretty cool).

I don't know about you, but I could really use something like this. My Kinect is usually balanced on the edge of destruction, just waiting for a motor movement to topple it to the ground. Putting it on a tripod would solve a number of problems for me... Heck I'd use it when connected to my Xbox 360 in my living room too!

Kinect mount to camera tripod

I'm using XBox 360 Kinect controller as 3D measurement device. Kinect has an powerful IR-laser and all the other parts needed for good 3D measurement device. This simple thing allows to connect Kinect to camera mount easily. ...


Those two small clips will need some tuning after printing but they should click to the holes underside Kinect. They should provide snug fit - so snug that it requires small flat-head screwdriver to take apart the mount again. This thing also allows to keep Kinect on the table too, underside is totally flat so it still stands fairly stable on the table. Prints just fine with Makerbot Cupcake, I have been using this thing for few weeks now.

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