Carbonite and 3D print yourself with the Kinect for Windows v2


Rob Miles, Coding4Fun Friend, who we've been highlighting here at C9 since at least 2008 is at it again, this time merging a couple of his favorite things, the Kinect for Windows v2 and 3D printing...

Put Yourself in Carbonite with Kinect 2


If you've seen the movie Star Wars 2/5 (The Empire Strikes Back) you'll know that things don't end that well for Han Solo. He finishes up entombed in "Carbonite". Now, thanks to the magic of the Kinect Sensor and 3D printing we can all get the same treatment.

I've written a little program that takes the output from the Kinect Depth camera and renders it into an STL model that can be 3D printed. It uses some fairly simple averaging and filtering and seems to do a perfect job of rendering all of my chins in lifelike detail. Oh well. 




Above you can see the program in action, pointed at my less than tidy office. You can set thresholds for the front and back of the 3D region to be rendered, and also control the width of the printed item and how strong the relief is. You can even take selfies. 


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You know that bit at the end of Star Wars 2/5 when Han Solo gets frozen into Carbonite?

Well, you can use this program to do the same to yourself.

It takes the depth image from a Kinect 2 sensor and creates an STL object for 3D printing.

You can set the near and far planes to clip the depth image and also the width and height of the object that is to be produced.

You can also control the amount of averaging that is performed on the frames. Increasing averaging can bring out more detail (particularly if the subject is close to the sensor) but the display will update more slowly and the subject must keep still.

The STL file is stored in your Documents folder.

It can be loaded into any slicing program that you fancy (I use Cura) and used to produce interesting prints.

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