Cinder, openFrameworks, Kinect for Windows v2 and getting started...


Just over a month ago I blogged about the "Programming Kinect for Windows v2" Jumpstart On-Demand (which can be found at MVA here). Recently the team also released this 7 page PDF to help you get your enviroment ready to really jump into that training...

Getting Started with Cinder and Kinect for Windows v2

On July 15 in a Microsoft Virtual Academy Jump Start session, we will be covering using Kinect for Windows with third-party frameworks. While preparing for the talk, we found that there would be a bit of setup required that we would not have time to cover. So, we are putting together a couple of articles to help as a reference to get your development environment set up and configured.

If you are not familiar with Cinder or openFrameworks, these are popular open-source graphic frameworks focusing on native C++ development. Both are extensible through plug-ins called Blocks and Add-ons respectively and have extensive libraries for handling 2D and 3D graphics applications. The following articles will provide resources and steps needed to start developing a Windows application by using Kinect for Windows.


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