Coding4Fun Kinect Service v1.6 released (Think the "WinRT clients!" release...)


Today's post shows off some of the great work being done by the Coding4Fun team to continue to push the Kinect for Windows device and Kinect for Windows SDK usage forward.

Today Brian Peek announces that the latest Coding4Fun Kinect Service now works for WinRT clients!

Coding4Fun Kinect Service v1.6

WinRT clients! There are native Windows Runtime Components, so use the proper architecture(s) for your project: x86, x64 and/or ARM.

This is the first version which includes client services for Windows Store Apps, written as a C++ Windows Runtime Component, with binaries available for x86, x64 and ARM.

Code samples are included in the source repository and in the download on CodePlex for XAML and JavaScript Windows Store Apps.  The rest of the code base remains pretty much identical, with the only change being the Kinect portions are now compiled against the v1.6 Kinect SDK.

What is the Coding4Fun Kinect Service?

The Coding4Fun Kinect Service allows you to stream Kinect color, depth, skeleton, and audio from one PC to another PC or a Windows Phone via sockets. Both server and client libraries are available to send and receive the data.  Please review the included WPF, Windows 8, and Windows Phone samples for a quick explanation of how to use the libraries.  Also check out the Documentation tab for more information and sample usage.

This project requires the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6.  If you want to learn how to use the Kinect for Windows SDK, head over to the Channel 9 and view the Quickstart series.

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