Coding4Fun Kinect Service v1.6 released (Think the "WinRT clients!" release...)

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    Awesome and looking forward to spending down time between Christmas and New Year's learning how to use this to make something smart and fun. I am a total newbie. Is there a library of standard gestures for both the modern UI and the XBOX?  My requirement is that I need a standard set of gestures to control both UI's. I would also like to know what tools I should use (Languages and 3rd party). My first choice would be HTML5, but I wanted to know what the community would recommend.

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    Detecting gestures is up to you.  There are recommended guidelines but ultimately it is up to you.  For tools, check out the coding4fun Kinect blog, Greg has put tons of amazing resources in there.

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    @Clint:Thank you Clint.  One would think that there would be a universal set of gestures,for instance,a TV remote control.   That would include a standard set of gestures for Play/Pause, Stop, Advance/Rewind, Menu.  Those core gestures in addition to standard navigation like scroll, page, select, etc...    That does not exist in the current SDK?

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    @ray.casey:Nope, there's no canned/baked in/default gestures currently in the Kinect for Windows SDK.

    That said, I just saw this and thought you might find it useful (I've also queued it for it's own C4K Kinect gallery post ... Smiley

    Gesture Studio - Record, edit and train gestures in minutes;

    Just wanted to let everyone know about a software product called "Gesture Studio". It pretty much allows anyone from developers to beginners to record, edit and teach gestures to other applications. All you have to do is record yourself doing a gesture and the program will allow you to bind key presses to the gesture you recorded, kind of like FAST but without the limitations. 

    Check it out here: its free to use for non commercial use. 

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