CogniMem adds pattern recognition to the Kinect


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Kinect Finger Recognition For Games

CogniMem Technologies

See our extended World of Goo gameplay video (controlled with Kinect) here:

Also, using Kinect with Google Earth:

CogniMem sells the CM1K neural network chip for accelerating pattern recognition.

The CM1K compares input patterns to the chip's database of examples in full parallel, providing a fast response time that is independent of the number of examples in the database.

The demonstrations in this video were done using a software-simulated version of the CM1K; simulation is sufficient to reliably recognize a small vocabulary of finger gestures in real time. This simulator could be run on the current Xbox 360 to provide support for the grab gesture, for example, in a Kinect title.

In future devices, the CM1K can be used to offload the pattern recognition, providing a low cost and low power implementation with support for more gestures.

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