Connect with your Kinect from the North Dallas .NET UG

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Today's post is a recording of an hour long user group session about getting started with the different pieces of the Kinect.

Connect with your Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect peripheral is the fastest selling gadget of all time, selling more than 9,000,000 units in its first 60 days. With the release of the Windows SDK for Kinect, there has never been a better time to learn about this new and innovative peripheral and explore where your imagination takes you. This C# code focused session will dive into how to use the API to do some wicked cool things. We’ll start by exploring the RGB and depth streams and then explore the skeletal tracking API. Next we’ll combine the different camera facets of the Kinect into a single demo. Finally we’ll turn our focus to the Kinect’s audio features and take a look at Kinect’s high quality audio capabilities. To wrap up, we’ll combine all of these different features into one awesome demo.

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