Connecting to applications with the Kinect Emulator v2

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Today's binary download, previous version highlighted here, Kinecting to Kodu, shows off one example of how the Kinect can be used to control existing applications, like PowerPoint the World Wide Telescope and more...

Kinect Emulator–Version 2–Released! HAPPY EASTER!

So while I was in Lisbon, Stuart Ball and Gareth Ritter mentioned some features which I could include in the Kinect Emulator. They mentioned the use of PowerPoint Controls and also the use of the World Wide Telescope.

I have spent my Easter going through the program and looking closer at it’s functionality and I’m pleased to announce that I have improved it.

You are now able to tick a box and pick which feature you want to use. Some of the featured included are:

  • Emulator Button – If you want to allocate keyboard presses to a game in Kodu, you can use the Kinect to emulate these key presses.
  • Power Point – If you want to use the program to navigate through your slides, all you need to do is swipe your left hand to the left and your right hand to the right. This will allow you to navigate back and forward through slides.
  • World Wide Telescope – If you want to use the program to navigate the world, all you do is tick the button. Whenever you say Zoom In… it will zoom in to the planet. If you say Zoom Out, it will zoom out of the planet.


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    Thanks for sharing, I have found problem in installation , I have already installed Microsoft.Speech.dll in GAC, but when I need to install your application I found this blocking message ( you should installa Microsoft.Speech.dll ...etc)

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