Crystalline, a free Kinect for Windows game

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I've seen it asked a few times, "Where are the Kinect for Windows (aka PC) games?" Well I've been keeping my eyes open for them and so as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to post it. The source is not available, but at least the game is free.

BTW, I found this via's New PC game with Kinect support now available post.


Crystalline is a first-person puzzle platformer which features a pair of force-beams, one which propels the player around the environment, and one which attracts objects towards the player. Players use these powers to sneak by enemy robots, smash turrets against the walls, rip doors off hinges, and solve engaging puzzles.

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The Discussion

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    want to develop a game like this on kinect....where can i find the tutorials for such designing...
    i have already developed a game on general wpf but cant make it 3d on even 2d...
    can i get link to the designing tutorials or some source code which can helpful in learning the designing part...

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    SChandra, it is bad idea to develop game on wpf. Try unity with zigfu for example. On ZigFu website some examples with web player.

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