Custom Kinect Control for Drag and Drop, IKinectManipulateableController


Friend of the Kinect, Marcus Kohnert, goes deep and share how we can create a custom drag and drop control with the Kinect for Windows v2 SDK.

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Custom IKinectController – Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop sample with IKinectManipulateableController

This sample shows how you can implement a custom KinectControl, for example to move things around in a Canvas.

To hook into the whole KinectRegion magic you can implement your own UserControl that implements IKinectControl.

When you move your hand KinectRegion keeps track of the movements and will constantly check if there is some Kinect enabled control at the current hand pointer’s position.

To determine such a control the KinectRegion looks for IKinectControls.

The IKinectControl interface forces you to implement the method IKinectController CreateController(IInput inputModel, KinectRegion kinectRegion).
The IKinectControl is also required to implement IsManipulatable and IsPressable.
This way you are specifying on what gestures your control will react to.
Because this sample shows how to move controls around the Draggable control’s property IsManipulatable returns true.


You’ll find two interfaces in the SDK *.Controls namespace that implement IKinectController and of course they are closely related to the other properties you have to implement.

Those interfaces are:
– IKinectPressableController
– IKinectManipulateableController

Since IsManipulatable returns true CreateController should return an instance of IKinectManipulateableController.
For an example how to implement IKinectPressableController see here.


All subscriptions are composed into one CompositeDisposable that is disposed in the controllers’s Dispose() method.

  • ManipulationStartedObservable –> is fired when the user closes it’s hand
  • ManipulationInertiaStartingObservable –> ???
  • ManipulationUpdatedObservable –> is fired when the user moves it’s hand while keeping it closed
  • ManipulationCompletedObservable –> is fired when the user releases it’s hand

For this sample the most interesting observable is ManipulationUpdatedObservable. Everytime this event is fired the method OnManipulationUpdated is called.

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