Dance For Free Cokes with this Kinect Enabled Vending Machine


Today's inspirational video is one that's just awesome but something we'd never see here in the States... 

Coca-Cola Equips Vending Machines With Kinects, Lets You Dance For Free Cokes

Advertising shticks have come a long way, especially for companies like Coca-Cola. In an effort to retain its position as the number 1 global brand, the company has recently equipped vending machines with webcams and Microsoft Kinect sensors.

The goal? To get you to shake your booty, shout and cheer, and show as much passion as possible for free Cokes.

A video of this machine in action in South Korea has gone viral, thanks in part to a boy band named 2PM helping to engage the audience into mimicking their moves:

On the surface, this may just look like a marketing gimmick in which Coke merely rips off all the dancing games that exist for the X-Box, but it’s the combination of technology here that is really the intriguing part


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