Dancing in the dark is bright with the Kinect...


Today's inspiration videos show how the Kinect is being used to provide a musical, dance and visual experience unlike anything before....

NoirFlux, Lambent Gambol & Kinect Point Cloud Test

Our installations are first-person and highly immersive; we strive to produce a sense of wonder and surprise in the participant through their discovery of the effortless interactive creation of beauty. To that end we use the Kinect "off-axis" to allow people to get right up to the rear-projection screen (no shadows). Their motions create cascading patterns of increasing complexity that fill their field of view, and the large screen (8' to 20' wide) allows multiple people to interact with the intricate world they are creating, together in real time.

We have done numerous first-person interactive installations at various events, as well as collaborated on dance performances incorporating dancer-controlled visuals. The most recent of those was a Kennedy Center commission for new work that used dancer motion and gesture analysis to provide not only interactive visuals, but also dancer-influenced real-time music generation.

from Vimeo.

from Vimeo.