Dark Olive Green Skin...


This is a great title for a post from Dwight Goins that I've been meaning to highlight for a while...

My Kinect told me I have Dark Olive Green Skin…

Did you know the Kinect for windows v2 has the ability to determine your Skin  pigmentation and your hair color? – Yes I’m telling you the truth. One of the many features of the Kinect device is the ability to read skin complexion and hair color of a person who is being tracked by the device.

If you ever need or require the ability to read the skin complexion of a person or determine the color of a persons hair on their head, this posting will show you how to do just that.


The steps are rather quick and simple. Determining the skin color requires you to access Kinect’s HD Face features.

Kinect has the ability to detect Facial features in 3-D. This is known as “HD Face”. It can detect depth, height, and width. The Kinect can also use it’s High Definition Camera, to detect colors such as the Red, Green, and Blue intensities that reflect back, and infer the actual skin tone of a tracked face. Along with the skin tone, the Kinect can also detect the Hair color on top of a person’s head…

So What’s Your Skin Tone? Click Here to download the source code and try it out.

If you want to include this feature inside your application, the steps you must take are:

1. Create a new WPF or Windows 8.1 WPF application

2 Inside the new application, add a reference to the Microsoft.Kinect and Microsoft.Kinect.Face assemblies.


Once your application runs it should look similar to this (Minus the FrameStatus):



Project Information URL: https://dgoins.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/my-kinect-told-me-i-have-dark-olive-green-skin/

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