Detecting the Kinect sensor state change/disconnection example

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    The code seems to have a small error. I tried it, and while it does start, it does not report the status of my Kinect for Windows sensor. I think this *may* have something to do with line 27, where in the list of arguments for console.writeline there is "ect.Status". Did you mean e.Status, or _kinect.Status? Or is it something else entirely?

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    @Nerdenator: Good catch, thank you.

    Yep, there was a bug on line 27 (now fixed). I switched it to e.Status and it seems to work for me.

    In looking at the original post though, looks like the author later updated it to use _kinect.Status. Either one should work.

    (Just a side note, I cannot take any credit for this project/code. The original author,, deserves all the kudo's and credit, etc for it. I'm just the messenger...


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