Digesting Kinect. Using the Kinect to teach the Digestive System


Friend of the Kinect for Windows SDK Gallery, Ray Chambers, recently reached out to us and shared his latest Kinect as an education tool project. Ray's projects are simple, they don't show off MVVM or do database lookups and such, but as Leonardo da Vinci once wrote: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." His projects get the job done, both in making the learning process physically fun and interactive and show off Kinect and what you can do with it with a little coding...

Digestive System–Kinect and Science

So recently I discovered how to make pictures zoom and zoom out using the Kinect which was a fun discovery for me. After working with Alessio Bernardelli (@asober), it got me thinking…. maybe there could be more ways of making science more fun and interactive with the Kinect by Microsoft.

After spending a few days thinking, I saw an advert for operation on the TV. It gave me one of those light bulb moments! I thought that could be a way of making operation a game which would teach students about the human body. Through-out my school years I always found it hard to memorise the digestive system and I always found it hard to remember the different names for each thing. It was for this reason that I decided to make a program which would show me the different parts of the digestive system.

I found some images online of things like the digestive system and tweezers. This way, I could simulate the game operation. The students would hover their hand in front of the Kinect to activate the program. Once they have activated the Kinect, they would then hover the tweezers over the word until it changes and then they would have to go and hover over the correct black box. If they have the correct answer, then the black box disappears if it is incorrect then they will hear an error noise and the cursor will change back to tweezers.

Project Information URL: http://raychambers.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/digestive-systemkinect-and-science/

Project Download URL: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=2852c4bb97c60a65&id=2852C4BB97C60A65%21155 (Select the KinectDigestiveSystemRuntime.zip for precompiled version)

Project Source URL: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=2852c4bb97c60a65&id=2852C4BB97C60A65%21155 (Select the KinectDigestiveSystemsource.zip for the Source)



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    Wow.. I think this is a great Idea to teach kids about human body. I wonder one day it possible if we touch our own body part and the application can show its name. 

    Cool apps


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