Dive into Developing with the Kinect for Windows v2


You didn't think I could stay away from posting about the Kinect for Windows v2 long did you? Smiley

Today's post by Zubair Ahmed is a code focused dive into the Kinect for Windows v2 Device and SDK. 

KINECT for Windows v2 SDK Deep dive

Few weeks ago I received my Kinect for Windows version 2 and private SDK so I finally got to try it out, the new Kinect ships with many improvements from v1 such as an Full HD Camera, thumb and hand open/close detection, better microphone, improved infrared and several applications can use the sensor at the same time.


Deep dive

In this blog post I will show how to read Body source and draw Bones, Hands and Joints over the Color source received from the Kinect Sensor.



[Read the Rest and see the code]

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