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The final two posts of the week will be highlighting another new capability of the latest Kinect SDK, Background Removal.

First, Friend of the Gallery, Bruno Capuano, gives us a quick look at using it...

[#KINECT] HowTo: Remove the background while preserving a body with the new #KinectSdk

[GD: Note, this text is machine translated...]

In yesterday post I commented that one of the news in the Kinect SDK 1.8 is the ability to remove the background of an image of the kinect sensor preserving the person’s body (green screen).

To see how this new feature works, see example “Background Removal Basis-WPF” included in the Kinect SDK Developer Toolkit.


Once downloaded the source code for this example, we see that it uses 2 dlls external., compiled for x 86 and x 64. These dlls are created with C++ (also you can access the source code of them) and have a wrapper. net, which we see as a reference: Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.BackgroundRemoval


We see a bit the code needed to run this app. The first thing we must do is to declare a variable of typeBackgroundRemovedColorStream .


Then, when it detects a Kinect sensor, it is time to change this variable. In this case, taking into account the values that has been initialized the camera and depth:


And ready. Now just need to revise the code of this handler for the event. The 1, that we see is that we fear an object of type BackgroundRemovedStream which can access (line 3). We can then work with the image that we want to use background with a couple of lines add the bodys detected by the sensor in front of the same


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