Ever wanted to be a TV Weather person? Now you can (kind of) with Kinect Weather Map


Our final Gallery project of the CodePlex week and of the year is one that's just kind of fun to play with. It lets you live your life long dream (will for some) of being a TV Weather Personality...

Kinect Weather Map

This project is a Kinect for Windows SDK sample that lets you play a broadcast meteorologist (TV weatherperson.) It cuts out your image, like a green screen without the green screen, and then puts you in front of weather maps. To change maps simply walk across the screen!

This project requires the Kinect for Windows SDK and Windows 7.

Project Information URL: http://kinectweather.codeplex.com/

Project Source URL: http://kinectweather.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets

Runs with Beta2? Yes