"Exploring the Kinect Developer Toolkit Browser"


Today's post by Tom Kerkhove reminds us about something that's been in the Kinect for Windows SDK  "box" for a bit now, but is something we might not have taken as close a look at as we should have...

Exploring the Kinect Developer Toolkit Browser

Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit has been included in the Kinect for Windows SDK since version 1.5 but what is it?

Well, the toolkit is your new best friend!

It contains a lot of information & knowledge on how to get started or how to make your application work even better.

The toolkit has several sections like :

  • Components
    This section has several components that can help you when coding. Each component has their controls or classes that can save you some time to focus on other things.

    Components include Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit & Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.FaceTracking that you can download.

    Next to that it contains a link to the Kinect Speech Packs.
  • Documents
    So this section contains three things : Release notes & online resources, SDK documentation & Human Interface Guidelines.

    These help you out when code to find your way into the framework or assist you in creating your UI with great UX.

    If you want more information about the Human Interface Guidelines, read my previous blogpost.
  • Samples
    The toolkit also provide samples in C++/VB.net/C# (WPF) and cover most features like : Audio basics, Color basics, Depth basics, Face Tracking basics, gestures and lots lots more.

    This is really really nice for devs who are starting with Kinect for Windows to get a hang of it.
  • SDKs
    SDKs provide quick access to possible SDKs you’ll want to use in your application like DirectX, Speech Platform & XNA Studio.
  • Last but not least : Tools
    This includes Kinect Explorer & Kinect Studio.

    –> Kinect Studio helps you debug your applications by saving the data the sensor returns and reinjecting them on you request but I’ll cover that in a more detailed post.

    –> Kinect Explorer, that is also included in the C#/WPF samples, is an application that contain most of the features you can use and is nice to play with.

    You can try things out and check how they did it in code.

So that’s a short review of the Kinect Developer Toolkit Brower.

Be sure to read the toolkit, I really recommend it.

My favorite is and always will be the the Human Interface Guidelines I mentioned in my blogpost.

You can ask me why do you, as a dev, love that PDF?
Well, your application can only be as good as the UX is. You can have some killer code but a bad UI with bad UX and nobody would want to us it, so all your precious code is worthless.

So start with a solid base, what do you want that your application does, what are the gestures you want to implement and how, what are the other features and start building your UI before you’ve written one single line of code. It will pay off while developing.


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