Freak'n Genius! Animating the world with the Kinect


Today's private beta project, one which of course you all can sign-up for, is one that looks pretty awesome, meshing the Kinect with animation and cartoons...

Freak'n Genius

Freak'n Genius helps anyone and everyone animate instantly using the Kinect. You can animate characters and create your own scene just by moving your body.

Check out this quirky demo video. It was created using Freak'n Genius and a Kinect!


Yes! With the amazing powers of Kinect's skeletal tracking technology, all you have to do is move your body and you’re animating instantly.


Smile! Scoot on over to your Kinect and bring characters to life using cutting-edge facial tracking algorithms


Say the word and so will your cartoon. Voice recognition software will automatically sync your animation to your words.


A watermelon.
A bus driver.
A supermodel.
A Giraffe.
You can be a host of zany characters in our large creative library.

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