Free River Crossing education game by Kinems


Since my last post was about Kinect for Windows Academic pricing, it seemed fitting to highlight this project... Speaking of which, make sure you also check out all the other cool stuff on the KinectEDucation site.

Kinect Educational App: River Crossing by Kinems

River Crossing” is a new Kinect educational app available for download, freely provided by Kinems.  Kinems is a company that provides learning games utilizing Kinect for K-9 children and enriches the traditional therapeutic method with their motion-sensored educational games.

Here is some more info about River Crossing from the Kinems Game Launcher:

Age: 4+

Objective: Visual-kinetic coordination and development of critical thinking.

Description: In the ‘River Crossing’ game, the child undertakes the task to lead a boat in a river and transfers a duck, a fox and a sack of seeds from one shore to the other. The child-skipper should be very careful so as not to throw his boat on the rocks that exist in the river. Sometimes the passage becomes narrower or wider, depending on the difficulty of the game! For more experienced skippers, the task becomes more complex and as a result the duck should not be abandoned with the fox or the duck with the seeds at the same river shore, since there is always the risk that one disappears from the other. The correct option, in conjunction with careful driving, is to practice the delicate mobility, the visual-kinetic coordination and the grapho-kinetic skills of the children, contributing in this way in the development of the necessary skills for the conquest of writing.”

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