From Kinect Unity Project to the Windows Store, a Five Step Journey


Today we wrap up our three week Vangos Pterneas (Kinect MVP) series.

Last week we highlighted his AR Basketball Spinner and the Kinect, the week before it was, Weight-Lifting Bar Detection with the Kinect (Which was also picked up by the Kinect for Windows team too, Pumping iron with Kinect for Windows)

Today we share a recent tutorial on how get your Unity 3D project into the Windows Store

Export your Unity Kinect project for Windows Store

Kinect officially supports Windows Store! So, if you decide to bring your Kinect apps & games to the Windows Store and reach more customers, be my guest.

Uploading traditional Windows Store apps, made with Visual Studio and XAML, is quite trivial. However, exporting a Kinect for Unity project as a Windows Store package is a little more complicated. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to do it.



So, let’s see how we can export our Unity project as a Windows Store app. The screenshots below are found in the built-in demos of Vitruvius. The Unity samples have been developed by our Lead Engineer, Michael Miropoulos.

Step 0 – Create and test your Kinect project ...
Step 1 – Set Unity Build Settings ...
Step 2 – Export for Windows Store 8.1 ...
Step 3 – Set Visual Studio Build Settings ...
Step 4 – Add the required References ...
Step 5 – Run!

This is it! Hit the green Run button to launch your Kinect Windows Store app! Feel free to upload it to the Windows Store.

Kinetisense and XRsense are two Kinect Windows Store apps that use Unity. Give them a try!

PS: Vitruvius

This project is part of the Premium version of Vitruvius (original cost: $299). Vitruvius is a set of powerful Kinect extensions that will help you build stunning Kinect apps in minutes. Vitruvius includes avateering, HD Face, background removal, angle calculations, and more. Check it now.

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