Game: Project: Willy


I found today's project via 123 Kinect's, Project: Willy (Kinect) is now available for download post... This looks like an interesting and kind of fun game. I also found it cool that they used Zigfu, which we've highlighted in the past, ZDK = Zigfu Development Kit = Commercial Kinect Development library for Unity3D and JavaScript.

Game: Project: Willy (Kinect)

You are a whale and and travel through the body of a person to get to the hart. We were not able to include the Intro Video (Intro.mp4) into the Game. Please view it before playing. The Game makes a lot more sense after viewing it Big Smile This game was developed for Kinect and a Xbox 360 Gamepad however it should work also with keyboard and a Xion. Controls: Fire with: -L and R of Xbox 360 Gamepad -Spacebar Change Shot with: -X,A,B,Y of Xbox 360 Gamepad -y,x,c,v of Keyboard Move Up-Down-Left-Right: -Left Joystick of Xbox 360 Gamepad -Arrows of Keyboard Use the Kinect or Xion sensor and your hands for Targeting.

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)

Kinect with Zigfu for Unity, Xbox 360 Controller


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