Game developers and the new Kinect


My Xbox One came last Friday and I have to say, the new Kinect is so cool it's kind of creepy. The Voice just works, the way it's able to see my family and sign us in and the coolest/creepy is how it really can detect my heat beat. While the Kinect v1 was cool, Kinect v2

Game developers share how new Kinect is game-changing for them

The new Kinect sensor for Xbox One brings higher fidelity, sensitivity and precision whether the action is taking place on a battlefield or a dance floor. On the video, shown above and on Xbox Wire, game developers share how they’re using the new Kinect in some of Xbox One’s biggest launch titles, including "Forza Motorsport 5," "Ryse: Son of Rome," “Dead Rising 3” and "Just Dance 2014.”

“The new Kinect sensor has better sensitivity, better precision,” says Dan Greenawalt, creative director of “Forza Motorsport 5.” “So we were able to change head tracking to be more based on lean,” how drivers lean into and out of vehicles.

“What we’re seeing is when motorists really get into racing, they put body” language into how they drive, “and that actually helps them look into the corner,” he says. “It becomes a more immersive experience.”

P.J. Estevez, design director of “Ryse: Son of Rome,” says that in the game, about Roman soldier Marius Titus’ quest for vengeance against barbarians, Kinect lets you use your voice to command soldiers.

Say you’re a battlefield general, he says. “So, with my controller, I control my sword and shield, I control my character, my combat experience. But with my voice, I command units.”

Where there are archers, for example, you command them to “Cover me!” and the archers “fire and kill guys around you, or you tell them ‘Hold that position!’ ‘Cover the front line!’ and they’ll take care of that,” he says. “After you play the game for a while and start using the voice, you start taking on a bit of Marius’ character.”


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