Getting a Continuous Grip [aka ContinousGrippedState] with the Kinect.Reactive


Today's project comes to us from another Friend of the Gallery, Marcus Kohnert, who shows us how are can continue to take advantage of the Kinect.Reactive library in our Kinect for Windows v1 SDK applications.

Other times we've highlighted Marcus;

ContinousGrippedState in Kinect.Reactive

For a while now I was wondering why the Kinect’s InteractionStream sends only one InteractionHandEventType.Grip when the user closes its hand. While the user still holds its hand in a closed state the SDK will fire events that have a HandEventType of None. This confused me from the very beginning. Compared to mouse events you’ll get continous mousedown events when the user does not release the mouse button.

So I thought about a way to get the same functionality when using the Kinect for Windows SDKs 1.x InteractionStream.

This extension method solved my problem and is now part of Kinect.Reactive:

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