Getting down and dirty coding with the Kinect for Windows v2


Today Tom Kerkhove takes us back to the Kinect for Windows v2, this time helping us get our hands a little dirty and digging into some (well more than just some!) coding...

[Tutorial] Gen. II Kinect for Windows – Basics Overview

After a theoretical overview it is time to get our hands dirty and start with a basic application that will visualize the basic streams – Color, depth, infrared & body tracking.


Although this is a tutorial I am bound to the Kinect for Windows Developer program which means I can’t share the SDK/DLL.

“This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change”.

What you will learn

This tutorial covers the following aspects -

  • Introduction to the alpha SDK
  • Visualize the camera
  • Depth indication
  • Display the infrared stream
  • Body/Skeletal tracking on top of the camera output



In order to follow the tutorial you will need the following aspects -

  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Basic C# & WPF knowledge
  • Kinect for Windows alpha sensor & SDK

For the sake of this tutorial I’ve created a basic WPF template that we will use in this tutorial, you can download it here.

I. Introduction to the new SDK

This tutorial is based on the v2 alpha version (nov-13) of the SDK and some core functionality has changed due to the SDK “architecture”.

The SDK is built on top of the Kinect Core API where Xbox One application will use a seperate SDK built on top of the same SDK.



II. Getting started


III. Visualizing the camera

IV. Depth indication


V. Displaying the Infrared stream


VI. Body tracking, the new skeletal tracking


In this post we’ve learned how we can implement the basic streams, Color – Depth- Infrared & Body, and visualize them for the user.
I hope you’ve noticed that each output type is using the same principles and it is only a matter of processing the data!

Remember this – Connect, listen, acquire, process & disconnect.

You can download my complete demo here.

[Make sure you click through to read the entire thing...]

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