Getting started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2 and WPF


The second post in our Getting Started Week gets us started with WPF and the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2.

Kinect beta2 clean wpf code and getting started

Since the update to Beta2 of the Kinect for Windows SDK all our Kinect samples are out of date so I thought I’d update them to the latest and greatest and post them all here.

To begin with I want a nice clean framework that is both easy for the first time Kinect coder to understand but also makes use of the new abilities of the Kinect SDK. What I’ve come up with achieves the following 3 goals:

  1. Support all combinations of Kinects be attached/detached/powered off/multiple.
  2. Exposes a single Kinect Runtime as a property called Nui (It is null if there isn’t a Kinect attached).
  3. Obvious location to wire up event model (and remove events if Kinect is removed)

This is meant to be a good place to start with simple examples with all the code clear in the one file.

Here is our classic first demo from our talks where we wire up the video, tilt slider, depth and skeleton using this new framework.

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