Getting started with your new Kinect v1


So you got a Kinect for Windows v1 under your Christmas tree? Now what? Today's post by Pankaj Deharia Ignatiuz provides a great place to get started with the latest v1 version of the SDK, taking you from download to simple app building...

Kinect status and setup the Kinect for interaction


The article will give you a getting started with kinect for windows sensor SDK 1.8 and how the kinect for interaction works. I am going to use the kinect sdk 1.8 and a WPF project using visual studio. 


  • Visual studio 2012
  • .NET 4.5
  • Kinect for windows sensor device.
  • Kinect for Windows SDK (
  • Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit (

Kinect for window sensor status

Create a WPF Application project WPFKinect18 using visual studio 2012.


Setup the Kinect for interaction



Project Information URL:

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