Got an Kinect App? Need a web site? Here's a template for you...


So you've been working on your Kinect app or project, banging away night and day in Visual Studio and you're ready to show it off to the world. But now you need a web site too. It sure would be nice if there were some kind of Kinect App Web Site template available...

Kinect App Site

The Single-Page Kinect App Site template is an easily configured, simple template with all the elements in place, intended as a quick-start for any Kinect developer to promote their app.

View the default site here: Kinect App Site Demo

Idea for this project came when I want to publish some Kinect app of mine. Recently have seen and I decided to make something similar but for Kinect enabled applications.

The HTML is fully commented to make setup and customization as quick and easy as possible.

The site uses:

Project Information URL:

Project Download URL:

Project Source URL:


Contact Information: