Halloween Insanity with help from the Kinect and Netduino

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A Kinect, Netduino and zombie walk into a bar... well... anyway...

Today's inspirational video from Dan Thyer shows just how much fun you can have with the Kinect, a Netduino and some cool coding.

Kinect with Netduino Halloween Insanity

I used the Kinect to control 3 monsters for my Halloween fun! The Kinect senses a person to make a skeleton jump and move a zombie on the ground. The coolest effect is the ghost in the coffin turns his head to look at the people walking by. The servos for the ghost and the other monsters are all controlled with code that I wrote with the .net Micro Framework running on the Netduino microcontroller. I use a projector with some WPF to animate a skeleton based on Kinect gestures on the side of the house.

Project Information URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZJePwBWdnY&feature=youtu.be




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