Help! Let us know about your Windows and Kinect for Windows SDK Projects...


We need your help., I need your help...

Do you know of a cool or fun Kinect for Windows project, one that also uses the Kinect for Windows SDK? Or an update to something we've previously highlighted here on the Gallery?

Please, let us know, email us at

Here are some basic guidelines;

  • There's a post publically available online. A video, forum post, blog post, etc
  • Uses the Kinect for Windows SDK. No 3rd party drivers.
  • Reflects well on Microsoft and Kinect. "Kinectasploit - Metasploit Hacking using Kinect." just isn't a good fit for the Gallery
  • Doesn't void the Kinect warranty. No opening the hardware, firmware hacking, etc.
  • Includes source code. This is optional, but I really don't like doing Gallery posts without referring the readers to something to download.Posts/projects with source get the highest priority. With downloads, second highest, etc
  • Project/Source shows something of interest or "fun". It can't just be one of the sample apps repackaged. We are the Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery after all! Smiley

Thank you and thank you all for sharing! It's you, and your projects, that keep this Gallery alive...