Heremo - Modern rehabilitation with Kinect for Windows


Today's project is one that reaches out to me on a number of levels. It's a commercial app for the Kinect for Windows v1, it has a free version, shows how the Kinect continues to be used outside of the gaming industry, helps people help themselves and is physical therapy related (my daughter is a Dr. of PT ;)

Heremo - Modern rehabilitation with Kinect for Windows

Modern rehabilitation with Kinect for Windows.

No clutter. Straight to the point.

Quick and reliable

Heremo is compatible with computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Undefined number of exercises.

The exercise sets are tailored to your needs and demands. Choose the perfect one!


Heremo will inform you about the accuracy of the performed exercises as well as award you points for them.

What is Heremo?

Heremo (derived from Health Rehabilitation Motion) is a project, which utilizes the Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor to supervise exercises performed by the user. The range of possible uses is quite wide as the software can be used for rehabilitation exercises as well as physiotherapy. Fans of stationary physical activities will also be able to participate in Heremo by choosing a routine that suits them.

How does Heremo work?

Heremo utilizes the data received from the Microsoft Kinect motion sensor, which are focused on the movement different body parts. The system compares them to the pre-recorded data, which – after crucial calculations – allows it to assess the accuracy of particular exercises

What kinds of issues does Heremo address?

  1. Patients with motor dysfunctions, who have difficulties with paying frequent visits to specialists, will now be able to conduct many of the necessary exercises in their own homes.
  2. Having recommended a particular set of exercises to be performed in a defined period of time, the specialist is granted access to the statistics allowing him to follow and measure his patient’s progress.
  3. Hospitals, clinics or institutions collaborating with NatuMed Sp. z o.o. [Ltd] are available to develop their own exercise sets dedicated to particular ailments. The aforementioned establishments are then able to recommend to their patients the performing of exercises prior to their appointment or – depending on the ailment – perform the exercises at home and brief their doctor electronically.
  4. Those wishing to develop their physique can work out at home utilizing technology’s latest inventions, design their own workout routines and select exercise sets they currently feel like performing. Preparing for the skiing or bicycling season? Feeling the need for a quick warm-up before going out for a swim or a run? Choose the right exercise set and start your workout.
  5. Clients of fitness clubs or gyms, who want to properly warm-up before their workout, can receive the assistance of a virtual trainer. The implementation of Heremo into such places based on exercises prepared by the institutions might serve as a refreshing functionality and emphasize the business’ modern spirit.

What do I need to start using Heremo?

To start using Heremo you need a Kinect sensor for Windows, a computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 as well a monitor/television set to see yourself on the screen. If you wish to brief your doctor about your progress, you will also need Internet access.

Is Heremo available for individual clients?

Indeed, Heremo is available for individuals, who will be given the option to buy particular exercise sets and run them on their private computers in their homes.


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