Here's a hand for Kinect for Windows v2 and XNA


Frank McCown returns with a follow-up with to his XNA and Kinect for Windows v2 post,  XNA and the Kinect for Windows 2? Here's an example..., this time showing giving us a hand...

XNA and Kinect 2 hand motion demo

This demo will show you how to write a simple XNA application that reads hand motion from the Kinect v2. The Kinect sensor can detect motion for your entire body, but here I'll focus on just detecting hand motion and whether the hand is open (all fingers out) or closed (in a fist) as shown in the screenshot below.



You must have the Kinect for Windows 2 correctly installed along with the SDK. There are plenty of online tutorials showing you how to program with the older Kinect; this is for the latest version.

See the Prerequisites section from my previous post on installing the necessary software to code this demo using Visual Studio 2013.


Press Ctrl-F5 to build and run the program. Stand in front of your Kinect, and you should see the PNG images move as you move your hands. Try opening and closing your hands to see the open/close images being displayed. If you have a friend nearby, ask them to join you so you can see four hands moving about the screen.

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