Home is your Castle... Now with it's own OS! CastleOS gives your castle Kinect power

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Today's project show you can not only talk to your house, but have it listen and respond too!


How it Works

CastleOS is an integrated software suite for controlling the automation equipment in your home - an operating system for your castle, if you will. The first piece of the suite is what we call the "Core Service" - it acts as the central controller for the whole system. This runs on any relatively recent Windows computer (or more specifically, the computer that has an Insteon PLM or USB stick plugged in to it), and creates a network connection to both your home automation devices, and the second piece of the integrated suite - the remote access apps like the HTML5 app, Kinect voice control app, and future Android/iOS apps.

Working in concert with the Core Service, these apps allow you to interact with the system from any device, and, with a Kinect, in any room of your house by speaking out loud. The HTML5 app can be accessed from your homes internal WiFi/network, and if you choose to configure your router to allow it, from outside your home as well (for instance, on your smartphone).

The Kinect voice control app similarly runs on a Windows computer (could be the same one as the Core Service, or not) with an Xbox360 or Windows Kinect plugged in. Once enabled, it persistantly listens (does not record) to any speech in the room, and when a command is spoken aloud, it acts accordingly. We are very proud to say that despite running 24/7 in a living room blasting loud music, movies, TV, and other noise at it, we have reduced false positives to all but zero.


Project Information URL: http://www.castleos.com/

Project Download URL: http://www.castleos.com/Download.aspx


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