I feel the need... the need for Kineed For Speed


Friend of the Gallery, Tango Chen, has released, for free, a cool project that lets you play Need for Speed or other racing games with the Kinect

Kineed For Speed – Play Need For Speed (Or Other Racing Games) with Kinect

Kineed For Speed = Kinect + Need For Speed

It can be used to play PC version of Need For Speed (or other racing games) with Kinect..Just like playing Kinect Joy Ride on Xbox..


How to use
Simply Run the KineedForSpeed.exe and a racing game at the same time.. You can play the game with Kinect..

How to gain control:
1. hold hands in gesture like holding a virtual wheel to gain the control.
2. lower hands to release the control.

How to drive:
1. Turn left/right by turning the virtual wheel left/right.
2. Speed up by putting the virtual wheel forward.
3. Slow down by retrieving back the virtual wheel.

Configurable key mappings:
1. Left hand up to trigger Esc key event, which will pause the game.
2. Right hand up to trigger Enter key event, which will reset the car.

You can also set other keys to make it work with other racing games..

Project Information URL: http://tangochen.com/blog/?p=564

Project Download URL: http://tangochen.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=15

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