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    Cool, glad this is up on Codeplex, will monitor with interest. 

    Suspect there is scope for combined audio/movement commands?

    Trick will be making the whole thing feel natural rather than a little contrived (but maybe this will come with repeated use anyway?)

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    That's me!

    Honestly, I'm just trying to make the possibilities public knowledge. I'm a back-end coder, great at making things work, but I absolutely suck at design. I also suck at Win32, which is how all this Windows control stuff works. 

    I may or may not pursue the project. It's up on Codeplex because I'm not allowed to sell it, so it makes sense to open source it. I'll gladly accept anyone who wants to contribute as long as they know (more or less) what they're doing. 

    I also really hope I'm not the only guy doing this. Building a gesture system is not that hard. Making it work gracefully, despite the lack of grace in human movement; making it work with the underlying OS; those are hard.

    No plans for audio. Windows already has a great speech recognition system, and the Kinect has an awesome mic array that Windows detects as a mic array.

    About a dozen other videos on this project on my YouTube channel.

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    If Windows 8 doesn't have some sort of Kinect support built in, I'll be really disappointed. With posts like this, surely Microsoft sees where Kinect can take us...?

    I'm considering buying a second one and playing around with that. May improve the wonky skeletal tracking.

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    @SlackmasterK: That's you! LOL Smiley

    Nope, you're not alone (but you were the first I saw using the Kinect SDK at least). I wouldn't be surprised if next week another NUI project isn't highlighted in the Gallery... Tongue Out (cough... say next Thursday... cough... )

    Anyway, thank you for your Kinect SDK effort (and everyone's on and off the Gallery) and for releasing the source. Have a good weekend...

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    Alex van Almelo


    Me and a few college buddies are going to really try and expand on this design.

    We plan on pooling large amounts of data in order to figure out what the best design would be for each movement. Sure, I may think that this design is cool, but if only 5% do pick it up, it's not worth it.

    Great work though!

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