Is Skeletal Tracking in the Kinect for Windows v2 Really Better? Yep!


Josh Blake has shared a video that makes it pretty darn clear just how much better the skeletal tracking is with the Kinect for Windows v2..

No bones about it: Kinect for Windows v2 skeletal tracking vastly better

You can read about the improvements that Kinect for Windows v2 offers over its predecessor, but seeing the differences with your own eyes is really, well, eye-opening—which is why we’re so pleased by this YouTube video posted by Microsoft MVP Josh Blake of InfoStrat. In it, Blake not only describes the improvements in skeletal tracking provided by the v2 sensor and the preview SDK 2.0 (full release of SDK 2.0 now available), he actually demonstrates the differences by showing side-by-side comparisons of himself and others being tracked simultaneously with the original sensor and the more robust v2 sensor.

As Blake shows, the v2 sensor tracks more joints, with greater anatomical precision, than the original sensor. His video also highlights the major improvements in hand tracking that the v2 sensor and SDK 2.0 provide, and, with the help of two colleagues, he demonstrates how Kinect for Windows v2 can track more bodies than was possible with the original sensor and prior releases of the SDK.

When asked how the improved skeletal-tracking capabilities can be utilized, Blake responded,...

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